31 Lauren Hoffman
31 Lauren Hoffman
Height: 5-6
Year: First year
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
High School: Fairfax
Major: Undecided
  • "I made VWC my top choice because I loved the campus, the class sizes, and how well the teachers know the students. The coaches are great and the soccer team was very welcoming."
  • Selected VWC over Christopher Newport University and Ferrum College

VWC Career Statistics


Season Highlights


  • TBA

Collegiate Accomplishments

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Prep Accolades

  • Competed in soccer, field hockey, and basketball
  • First team All-District in soccer
  • Dribble, pass, and shoot tri-state champion
  • Team captain
  • Team MVP
  • Field Hockey MVP and Most Improved Player
  • Second team All-District in field hockey


  • Daughter of Toni and David Hoffman
  • Has two sisters, Susan and Ashley
  • A fan of the Washington Capitals hockey team and hockey player Mike Green
  • Enjoys country music and vacations to the Bahamas
  • Favorites include the movie "Stick It"
  • Self-description in 10 words or less: "Cheerful, energetic, happy, athletic."
  • My favorite aspect of being an athlete is: "Showing what I am capable of achieving."
  • The part of my game I've improved the most is: "Heading and the offensive aspect of my game."
  • My personal athletic goal at VWC is: "To become better at juggling and to get in the best shape possible."
  • If I could spend one day with a famous person from any time period it would be: "Charles Daves because he had a miraculous recovery and I would like to hear his story."
  • If I could participate in a reality show it would be: "Fear Factor, to prove fear is not a factor for me."
  • It's the year 2025 and: "I have graduated from VWC and I am working my dream job."
  • If I could possess one superpower it would be: "Super speed, then I could be invisible while being super quick and running over water."
  • People might be surprised to know: "I love animals."
  • The most important advice I've received is: "Take each day one at a time." --Parents