21 Mary Shipp
21 Mary Shipp
Height: 5-4
Year: FY
Hometown: Virginia Beach
High School: First Colonial
Position: P (R)
Major: Criminal Justice
  • "I made Virginia Wesleyam my top choice because of the small atmosphere and the fun people at the school.  Also, the fact that its really close to the beach made it the No. 1 choice for me."
  • Selected VWC over York College of Pennsylvania

VWC Career Statistics


Collegiate Accomplishments

  • Academic Dean Scholarship recipient

Prep Accolades

  • Had a final career team record of 60-21
  • 2012 Beach district pitcher of the year (1st team)
  • 2012 All region utility player (1st team)
  • 2012 all tidewater pitcher (1st team)
  • 2012 First colonial High School softball co-MVP


  • Enjoys country music and spending vacation time in Cancun, Mexico
  • Favorites include the book "Ana's Story," the movie "Sweet Home Alabama," and the TV series "Friends"
  • A fan of baseball standout Dustin Pedroia, celebrity Brody Jenner, and major league baseball's Boston Red Sox
  • Self-description in 10 words or less: "I am an outgoing and down to earth girl."
  • My favorite aspect of being an athlete is: "I think my favorite aspect of being an athlete is the competition, I love being competitive and working to be victorious."
  • My personal athletic goals at VWC are: "I want to work hard and become a pitcher for Virginia Wesleyan softball and I would like to improve on the speed of my pitch."
  • The part of my game I've improved the most is: "I think I have improved most on the mental aspect of the game, my coaches have always told me softball is 85% mental and I finally got it if you believe in yourself and your ability then you'll be successful."
  • If I could spend one day with a famous person from any time period it would be: "Susan B. Anthony, because she was so independent and confident in her beliefs and I think I could learn a lot from her."
  • If I could participate in a reality show it would be: "MTV's the challenge because I could travel the world and have the opportunity to do many different adventurous things and compete at the same time."
  • If I could possess one superpower it would be: "The ability to read minds because then I would never have to wonder why people do some things they do and I would know exactly what was going through their minds."
  • People might be surprised to know: "I hate chocolate and steak."
  • It's the year 2025 and: "I see myself married with 2 kids living in the small portion of Virginia Beach know as Pungo working as either a detective or a probation officer."
  • The most important advice I've received is: "You can do anything you out your mind to" -- Dad