12 Blake Eshelman
12 Blake Eshelman
Height: 5-10
Weight: 180
Year: First Year
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
High School: Reynoldsburg
Position: Midfielder
Major: Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • "I made Virginia Wesleyan my top choice because I wanted to play soccer and I recieved a good academic scholarship."
  • Selected VWC over Otterbein College

VWC Career Statistics


Season Highlights


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Collegiate Accomplishments

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Prep Accolades

  • Varsity captain senior year
  • First team All-Conference senior year
  • Team MVP award
  • District finalists


  • Son of Susan and Kevin Eshelman; parents attended Columbus State University
  • Favorites include the book "The Godfather," the movie "Friday Night Lights," and the TV show "That 70's show"
  • A fan of the soccer team Columbus Crew, soccer player Carlos Valderma, actress Mila Kunis, and musical artist Drake
  • Self-description in 10 words or less: "Outgoing, open minded, and hard working."
  • My favorite aspect of being an athlete is: "Winning."
  • The part of my game I've most improved is: "My shot."
  • My personal athletic goal at VWC is: "Become an All-ODAC player and within my 4 years at Wesleyan I would like to win a National Championship."
  • If I could spend a day with a famous person from any time period it would be: "Lance Armstrong because he did what he loved while raising awareness for cancer."
  • If I could participate in a reality show it would be: "Survivor, so that I could see how long I could survive with just the necessities."
  • It's the year 2025 and: "Working in a recreation center either in Virginia or Ohio."
  • If I could possess one superpower it would be: "I would fly so that I could save some gas money."
  • People might be surprised to know: "I like country music."
  • The most important advice I've received is: "Have fun and enjoy every minute, but work hard and study too." --Diana Fee (high school secretary)